Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Centipede Crufts and A Crimson Night

Centipede Crufts by Hans von Hozel
Fandom: The Human Centipede
Pairings: None

The Human Centipede gets entered into a dog show! Yaaay?

A Crimson Night by A Couple Kids Named Us
Fandom: Pokemon
Pairings: Ash/Misty

Ash gets shot to death and Misty doesn't do anything about it. Welp!

Listen to the audiobook here!


vicky said...

You do know Hans von Hozel's stories are spoofs right? They're intentionally insane and brilliant for it.

Franzie von Karma said...

Yup, I know. I still like reading them, though. And it was a fan submission, anyway.