Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tales of Adam 4: Revenge of the Zianoids

Tales of Adam Part 4: Revenge of the Zianoids by Adam Richmond
Fandoms: Tenchi Muyo, Ah! My Goddess, Guyver, Dragonball Z, Detonator Orgun, Final Fantasy VIII, Pokemon (mentioned), Sabrina the Teenage Witch

That's right, another rootin-tootin' chapter of Adam Asskicker being a jerk!
In this chapter, we have Adam teaching Sasami how to play card games, me making an ass of myself by proving I have not played FF8, the cast of AMG showing up and lusting after Adam, pedophile aliens, lots of explosions, most of the characters getting beaten up horribly, Adam breaking up with Ryoko because she loves Tenchi more, an insane Piccolo, the return of FABULOUS Kagato, and the introduction of a boring new original character.

Yeah, it sucks. At least we just have one chapter left!

Download/stream it here.
Read it here.

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