Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short badfanfics galore!

I felt like taking a break from Tales of Adam for a while, so I decided to read some short fanfics instead. The lineup is

A Black Day by Oscar
Fandoms: Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z

Basically, Luna fucks Usagi with a dildo while she's sleeping and we find out Oscar is not just a hermaphrodite, he's also a SAIYA-JIN!!!11

Chibi Usa Loses Her Virginity by Hent-Eye
Fandom: Sailor Moon

*sob* This is almost as bad as Jurassic Prick. Basically, Chibi Usa visits Mamoru, who has sex with her despite her being HIS SEVEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER.

Diana by Oscar
Fandom: Sailor Moon

Yet another fic with an underage character having sex with their fathers. This time, it's Diana and Artemis.

Eevee TF TG by Xana-William
Fandom: Pokemon

Finally! Something without incest or lolicon! But still pretty terrible. A boy named Phil gets turned into a female Eevee and uses a special Eevee toilet. Yes, I'm completely serious.

Hey Gendo! Stop SKULLFUCKING REI YOU BASTARD! by Insane Noodly Guy
Fandom: Evangelion

An obvious troll/parody fic. Actually, I legitimately find it hilarious, since it's making fun of fanfics with ridiculous fetishes. I guess I should make Good Fanfic Theater.


and finally

Lucky Star: Sadness and Sorrow by Metaking22
Fandom: Lucky Star

Konata and Minami are shot to death, everyone cries about it. All set to the Halo theme song.

Stream/download these magical pieces of literature:

A Black Day
Chibi Usa Loses Her Virginity
Eevee TF TG
Hey Gendo!
Sadness and Sorrow

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