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Sarah by Kaylarules
Fandom: Twilight (but was put in the Salem's Lot section for some stupid reason)
Author's Summary (just to let you know what you're in for):
this is not about saliem lot but anouthr stroy that is sad

A badly written fanfic with bad grammar. Since it's short, I'll post the whole thing here. No, I didn't alter any of this text.

Hi k. This is the story I was telling you about. I'll have to send it in
pieces but its ONE story. It’s called "Being Jacob Black" A summary of
it (because all the stories have summaries) would be- ATTENTOIN ALL JACOB
HATERS AND MEMBERS OF TEAM JACOB. For those of you that hate the teen shape
shifter read this and maybe get a new opinion. For team Jacob members it has
Jacob in it. - Of summary. Put this author’s note at the top separate from the
sorry. A/N- This is written as you being Jacob Black and it goes into his
thoughts during twilight and new moon. It's a one shot and if people like it
I'll make one for eclipse. Have fun being Jake. Story starts now...

So you're a happy kid. You have some nice friends; your dad is pretty cool,
even if he is a little superstitious. You do pretty well at school-you don’t
have to worth to hard. You’ve got a lot of freedom. You love all things
mechanical. At this point life is pretty good.
One day you hear a bunch of kids from forks are at first beach having a
party or something and you and a bunch of other guys decide to crash it. You’re
hanging out by the bon-fire when this girl comes out of the woods that you
recognize as the daughter of your dads best friend. you think she's really
pretty in that girl-next door kind of way, but its more then that, once you
start talking to her your instantly on the same page as her. Kindred spirits.
Bella walks away from all her school friends and is interested in everything
you say. You tell her about the Quilted legends because that seems to impress
her. Who cares about some fake treaty. You know you're infatuated but you also
know she’s out of you league. She’s a junior and your a freshmen. Dream on. You
tell yourself this but you can't help thinking about her. Maybe someday, you
tell yourself
Hey k hers the next installment, sorry my last one was so short, but am sick
and have been sleeping on and off. Story starts now...
Of course now your interested in everything your dad has to say about
Charlie. You keep pushing your dad to make amends with Charlie over the whole
Cullen thing. You think two grown men fighting over whether or not the
neighbors are vampires is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard. In your
head Billy is in the wrong. You urge him to apologize and when the TV.
HAPPENS to break just before a big basketball game, he does. When he heads up
for the game, you tag along, someone has to drive.(you know your not fooling
anyone, Billy totally sees through you). You can't wait for another chance to
see Bella.
When you get there, you see Bella with a guy in a great car.( the car is
the first thing you notice. Its had tons of work done- nothing stock. Your
impressed). You're secure enough in your masculinity to admit the guys really
good looking. The kind all the girls have fantasies about. Perceptive as you
are you can see sparks between them. You sigh and feel slightly depressed.
Still you knew that you never really had a chance. That a girl like her would
get a guy real fast, a better guy then you. But high school relationships blow
over fast, so you shrug it off and allow yourself a small bit of hope. You
wonder who the guy is and why your dad is acting so strange.
You get a chance to talk to Bella, and its nice again. It's really
comfortable around her. You know you two would be great together if only given
the chance. You ask about the other guy, and it turns out he's a Cullen, so
then you get Billy’s reaction. You have a pleasant night with Bella but she
seems pretty distracted and she's wearing some new perfume that you don’t like
at all. It has a sickly sweet smell that burns your nose. You don’t say
anything in case it offends her.
When you get home, your dad starts freaking out. He calls all his other
superstitious cronies. From eavesdropping in your room you can tell third
telling him that it's none of their business. You agree but Billy doesn't ask
your option on the matter. Your dad thinks this guy is literally some kind of
monster- its so embarrassing. The worst thing the guys probably ever done is be
a spoiled rich kid who gets everything he wants and Bella's the kind of girl
who could cure him of that.

I have no idea what I just read.

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