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Einstein Who's he?

Einstein Who's he? by ILIKENICK
Fandom: Family Matters

I have no idea what's going on in this fanfic. All I know is that it's Stephan/Eddie and there's MPreg. Yeah.
Since it's just one chapter long, I'll post the whole thing.

Name of story:Einstien?Who's he?

Chapter rating:T

Chapter name:Prologue

Nobody's POV

"Uh,Stefan,no,I can't do,ahhh,keep doing that,no,not right now ,ahh,yeah,no,not right now!"Edward Winslow begged his lover of one year.

"But,Eddie,when will be the next time we do this?Come on,really,eddie,when's the last time we did this?"Stefan asked his lover,kissing him soundly on the lips.

"Uh,I can't remember,but,what if we get caught?Laura is gonna freak,and I don't want her to be mad at me when I'm supposed to be the driver for her and five other friends to one of the most unheard of places there's ever would be one tense drive and you know I can't have that much tension with being eight weeks gone and ,and my mom almost caught on to my being was talking about what we should have for christmas dinner and she got really detailed and it made me so sick I passed out for three hours.I-"

"Oh my gosh,baby,are you okay?"Stefan asked his lover,worried expression evident as he stroked Eddie's cheek,looking into the man's eyes as if he was trying to reach into his soul.

"Yeah,I'm fine but I still feel a little weak but it's nothing to worry about."

"Are you sure?I mean,I can take you to a doctor-"

"Yeah but if you do that,mom's gonna wanna know why and you know we can't out ourselves now.I just want you to hold don't we just say we're going out for the day,just say it's boy's day and just go to a motel and just stay the day,relax,have fun,do what we want ya know?I just want you to hold me for today,okay?I had a fight with waldo and he got me in the shoulder and I was really scared and I just want to be held,ya know?"

"Yeah,I 's go.I can't wait."Stefan said,pulling his lover up and doing up his pants before walking out of the room,dropping Eddie's hand as they went down the stairs.

"Ah,,Eddie and I have decided to have a boy's will be spending the night in a motel and will be back before dinner tomorrow."Stefan told Eddie's mother,sitting in the chair and grabbing a book,looking it over and tossing it back on the table.

"Okay,but I want you to be back before lunch,okay?We're gonna have ham,patatoe salad,green beans,black eyed peas,and for desert,hot fudge sundays-"

"Oh god!"Eddie said before lunging towards the bathroom,tripping over the leg of the table and landing on his stomach.

"Eddie,baby,are you okay?"Stefan asked,rushing over to Edward before realizing what he said.

"So my suspicions were right,you are haven't you told me yet?I would've understood."Harriet asked,helping her son up and going to get a rag to clean him up.

"Well,we were gonna tell you at christmas."Stefan said,sitting down and pulling Eddie in his lap,wiping the back of his neck with the rag Harriet had brought out.

"You're pregnant,aren't you."It was more of a statement than a question but Eddie answered.

"Eight doctor said the morning sickness would last for a couple more months judging by the also said that I should try and take it easy,try to relax more than normal."Eddie said,leaning into his lover's touch,relaxing fully into the warmth that he felt so safe in.

"Well,maybe you should go on now,I'll clean up here and tell everybody about boy's day .Bye baby,have a good time and just relax,okay."Harriet waved the boys goodbye and then went to cleaning the floor.

Once they got to the motel,they got a room and set about stripping to there boxers and getting in the bed,relaxing and falling into a deeply needed before they could fall asleep,the soft exchange of words made both of them smile lazily:"I love you."

Well,how was it?I don't know if there's any slash pairing such as this.I just hope it was well written.I know I haven't updated What's mine is yours in forever but this just came to me,ya know? Oh,please tell me how it was and please,I'm open for any ideas on the next chapter for What's mine is .Oh,this is going to be a chapter story and Steve was somehow stuck as Stefan and this is a world where male pregnancy is capable but some people still aren't comfortable with homosexuality,though.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah. This made no sense. At all. Also, there's spaces after commas, FYI.

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