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No Bird Without a Sigh part 3

Okay, after that little lecture there, it's time I stop being so lazy with the updates. We have a horrible fanfic to finish!

No Bird Without a Sigh by FreddyJason27
Fandom: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Okay, Lori has just woken up from her dream sex with Freddy:

Lori was in absolute pain, after waking from the dream she went to the bathroom to check her injuries. Her entrance was bruised and bleeding in some places, making her look like some whore who had actually taken the beeting.

Wiping her eyes of any tears she promised herself right then and there. "I love Will." She said it to herself in the mirror, staring into her own grey blue eyes. "I love Will." Lori then rubbed some medicine over her entrance, being careful not to cause further damage and went back into her room.

Oh, now you decide you love Will. Sheesh.

The time was 1:00 in the morning, she had to get back to the camp. Lori still had all her things in her bag, which was in her trunk. Sneaking out her window and down the ivery on the side of the house she made it to her car.

It sat there staring at her with what seemed to be bug's eyes. She clicked the button and it unlocked, or, so she thought.

At first the door wouldn't open, and as Lori tugged the car seemed less inclined to open for her. A silent wind blew and she could have swore she heard, "your mine now Lori."

Ruh roh!

She shuddered and clicked it some more till she heard the click of the lock. Lori averted her gaze to the front of the car...did the front lights just blink? Her footsteps made no sound across the rough grass of Summer, as she moved to where she was standing in front of the car.

Instead of having the eyes of a bug they had Freddy's eyes, they were huge but they glared at her. His charred eye lids coming down to glare at her with icy blue, it was a creepy sight and Lori made her way back into her car. Turning on the ignition she looked into the mirror.

Freddy was sitting in the backseat, his eyes blaring at her with the intent to kill. He leaned forward to where his elbows rested on Lori's and the passenger seat head rest. "Where the fuck do you thing your going bitch?" His voice was cold and harsh and Lori merely shook with the sudden feeling of being cold. The air kicked on and sprayed her sweating face.

"I am going back to the campsite, I love Will." Freddy chuckled something sinister and her eyes returned to the mirror. He had those elf ears again and his teeth were sharp, his skin was redder than usual and his eyes were colder than ever.

Well, at least Lori realized how much of a dick Freddy is (although I wouldn't be surprised if the author thinks that Freddy trying to control Lori is the sexiest thing on Earth).

"Remember who you belong to bitch!" He lept forward to her and she flinched, Lori's eyes were bloodshot and tears streamed down her cheeks. Freddy chuckled and sat back, his demon face gone once more.

"I never will belong to you, ever!" Lori shot back and backed the car out of the drive, Freddy seemed suprised and his demon exterior came back. He lept forward, cursing her in every way.

As she drove down the highway to the camp she looked into the mirror, she was on the edge of Springwood but Freddy was staying. Lori was growing impatient, she snapped at him, maybe it was being tired or she got fed up. Maybe it was both but Lori sure wasn't going to take that.


Yay! Go Lori!

A honking filled her ears and the car swerved, Lori screamed and she felt a hand rest on top of her's. It steadied the car and another hand rested on her shoulder, not as cold as the hand on her's but warm. As the car came back to being straight she noticed that it was Freddy's hands.

His glove was on top of her right hand that was on the wheel, and his left hand was on her left shoulder. His cheek was pressed against hers and she could feel his warm breath on her features.

Lori was breathing heavy but Freddy was looking straight ahead, his eyes were slightly wide but he was probably trying to see the dark highway. His hand remained where it was and she somehow felt secure that Freddy was there.

A thought quickly crossed her mind and she turned her head to look at him. Why had he saved her? Why hadn't he just let the truck flatten her and take her soul?

...Are you shitting me?

Freddy didn't look at her, he kept his eyes on the road, hand still on top of her's. He must not have really cared about what she was thinking because if he had been looking he could have told what she was thinking. His left hand remained on her shoulder, a steady warmth, and his right hand stayed on top of her's.

"Freddy?" Finally Lori managed to say his name and he carefully turned his head, just barely to look at her. The road ahead was clear and Lori was pretty sure they were on the right side of the road.

"Why did that?" Lori's voice almost cut out as Freddy's face twisted into an ugly snarl. His icy blue eyes blazed with some new fury that Lori had never seen before.

"Would you want to be flattened by a two ton truck? Why don't you just fall asleep and I'll put you fucking through it?! If you don't crash and die here first!" Freddy spat and Lori looked back to the road suddenly feeling like a trashy whore again.

Oh, Freddy~ *swoon*

"Go away!" Lori yelled and Freddy turned his evil glare back on her.

"What did you say to me bitch?!" His voice was harsh and cold as ever, as his icy blue eyes blazed on. Lori was at a lost of words for a moment before finally finding some courage to muster.

"I said leave me the fuck alone Krueger!" Lori yelled once more wanting to move her hand from the wheel as Freddy's finger blades were digging into her skin.

"Oh back to last names are we bitch? Well I got news for you, you'd be road kill if it wasn't for me and you know what else? Your my bitch now and what I say goes. So if I want to stay here and rape you in this fucking car I will!" He growled and bit her neck, drawing blood, and marking her as his own.

Come on, Lori, you can resist him!

Lori screamed and took her left hand from the wheel, grabbing his ear, and pulling it off. Freddy pulled back and howled, as Lori reached into her bag.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Freddy sounded angry and she could note a look of horror past his face for a moment before pure rage.

"Bye - bye Krueger!" She yelled and popped the bottle of Hypnocil. As she put it near her mouth, Freddy put his hand over her mouth and his other bladed glove on the wrist that held the bottle. Lori felt more tears well up in her eyes, as Freddy looked at the bottle with disgust.

"You little bitch." He growled, "you actually planned to take this poison eh?" He looked to the bottle then rolled down the window without even touching the button on the seal.

"It's better than kissing your fucking mouth!" Lori screamed as the air kicked on cold air, making goose bumps rise all over her skin.

*waves pom-poms* Go, Lori! Pop those pills!

"Is that right little bitch?" Freddy growled and his mouth was close to her's now. "Well, we'll just have to see about that." He through the bottle out the window and pressed his mouth to Lori's. She squirmed and tried to hit the gas petal but it wouldn't move.

Freddy's left hand came around the headrest and to the other side, holding Lori by the shoulders to the chair. His right came and cut up the middle of her shirt, also cutting her bra open to his hungry gaze.

Lori flushed and Freddy smirked, "it's nothing I haven't seen before." Lori squirmed harder now but it was all in vain. Freddy's tongue became ubnormally long and moved all over her chest, lingering longer over her nipples. Lori gave an involuntary moan and she knew Freddy had won.

Freddy smirked with victory and Lori found herself no longer sitting in the driver's seat. She was sitting on Freddy's lap, he was sitting in the driver's seat, and she was morally straddling his waist. His eyes were half lidded, but they were intense with passion and lust.

"Now little bitch, time to teach you who's in charge." Lori shivered and Freddy smirked once again...


Ahem. Okay, let's get ourselves back together and go onto chapter 5.

So, Freddy rapes Lori, yet again. And this time, she enjoys it. Hear that? It's my feminist ideals weeping. Also, everything about Freddy is described as "demon" or "demonic". Like that's supposed to turn me on. Puh-leeze.

By now a great bloody bruise between her breasts was forming and she dug her nails into his shoulder blades harder and harder. Lori was riding his two fingers harder and harder, she was sweating and Freddy felt himself getting hotter in the crampt space.

Freddy made the fan kick on and pelt him with cool air, Lori's finger nails broke through his sweater and she ripped the front of it open. Her fingers moved over the heated flesh, feeling the charred and burned skin under her fingers.

Why the hell would anyone want to touch that!?

Freddy's breathing was eratic as the girl rode his fingers, her chest was moving rapidly. Lori looked down at him and misty gray met icy blue. Her lips crashed onto his and tongue's mingled. Lori tasted her own blood and as Freddy tasted both her mouth and blood he groaned.

Freddy added a third finger and Lori moaned loudly, pulling back from the kiss and grabbing the charred are were his nipple would be. Lori pinched hard and Freddy gasped, letting the air out slow as she bit hard on his bottom lips. Freddy growled and yelled as Lori ripped open his bottom lip.

Lori lapped up the blood, making Freddy growl once again. "Bitch." He growled and groaned again when Lori clenched around his charred left hand fingers. Freddy's erection was sticking out but his pants were restricting his large size.

I think I'm going to throw up...

Lori felt herself coming close and she groaned, grinding down hard on Freddy's fingers, which were right above his pulsing cock. Freddy was about to explode but Lori came first, he watched as the moon struck Lori's pale sweaty flesh and blonde hair.

Angel Bitch

That was throught that came to Freddy's mind as he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. Lori put her hand on the back of Freddy's head and kissed back, massaging his tongue with her own.

"Freddy." She groaned and her hands moved over his chest. Freddy fell back in the seat and let the air conditioner cool his charred flesh as Lori lie her head on his shoulder. Freddy didn't move but he scowled down at the back of her head and he sat there with an erection straining his pants.

He eased open the zipper but a light hand stopped him. Freddy growled at her and she smiled at him something sinister.

Boy, do I wish the movies put emphasis on how large Freddy's penis is.

"Wait." She whispered and pulled herself off of him and aloud his cock to spring from his pants. Lori didn't lower herself on top of him, instead she put her hand under his chin and made him look at her. "Payback's a bitch wouldn't you say Freddy?"

Freddy didn't have time to react as he found himself pressed into the middle back seat. His hands were restrained at his sides, and his ankles were held down to the floor.

"What the FUCK!" He yelled and struggled against the binds that held him down to the car. Lori was smiling and Freddy felt his powers slipping away.

"It's amazing what you can read in books Freddy." Lori whispered and Freddy stared at her as she stroked the side of his cock. Freddy took in very deep breaths and tried hard not to moan and groan. He shivered instead and watched as the girl flicked her tongue over the head.

"Bitch..." Freddy's voice failed and he shook his head side to side, trying to stop himself from shaking and shivering under her touch.

Lori smiled and gave the head a light suck making Freddy suck in a heavy breath.

Okay, what the hell is going on now? Onto chapter 6 to find out!

"Bi-Bitch get the fuck off of me!" Freddy yelled and Lori just smirked, she could tell from Freddy's hardness what he wanted, but she had no intention of giving it to him. After what he'd done her entrance could only handle fingers, no large cocks tonight. Lori had every intention of leaving him begging.

Lori pulled off the shredded remains of her shirt and let them drop to the floor boards, she removed her pants and soaked underware. Freddy's eyes watched her movements like a hawk, the graceful coil of her body, and the way her hands moved across her own skin. She pulled Freddy's sweater and undershirt down to where they were just around his wrists, and his pants down around his ankles, stopped by his large combat boots. The only thing that pretty much didn't moved was his glove and hat, his eyes holding her misty blue.

Lori moved her fingers over his charred chest, finding the place where his nipple would have been and clamping her teeth around it. She could feel the slight nub left behind and her tongue teased it while she sat in his lap, it was hard considering his cock was sticking straight up. Freddy groaned with the action and hissed, letting out a stream of curses.


Lori was going to stream this out as long as she could, make him whimper if she could, but she highly doubted it. She moved down and slipped her tongue over his cock making the Dream Demon above her hiss with absolute pleasure and anger. Why wouldn't she hurry along with the show? She suckled his balls making Freddy groan and shake, writhering in an attempt to get free. As she felt his body tense, and seed come up his cock...she pinched the head. Freddy cried out and squirmed, trying to release himself.

"Bitch!" He cried as she teased the slit with her tongue, his cock pulsing, and he was trying to release. "S-Stop!" He yelled, the air pelting him and her back as the sweat rolled down his chest. As his cock calmed down and she traced a drop of sweat up his chest and to his neck. "Bitch! Why the fuck did you fucking do that?"

Lori smiled, making eye contact with him, "I just want to torture you." She knew better than to kiss him because he probably would have bitten her tongue off so she lightly nipped his lip. Freddy growled at her as she lowered herself again, she remembered what Freddy told her never to do again...but he deserved it.

Finding his entrance she shoved her fingers into him and he hissed with pain, she didn't even prepare him but for some reason he dimly welcomed the pain. Lori pushed in and out, beeting a steady rythm.


Freddy's cock was growing harder, and he felt himself giving more pre. He groaned out loud and shook with absolute pleasure as she sped up the pace, but she stopped short and he cursed loudly. Lori pulled up into his lap and kissed him, hard.

Freddy opened his mouth as she opened hers, tongue sweeping over each other, and dueling for dominance. Freddy won out and he plundered her mouth as her tongue ran over his, helping him along and the Dream Demon growled and gave a hard groan as she rubbed her core against his stomach.

He swore if this bitch didn't put herself down on his he'd go insane, she rubbed herself, but never impaled herself on his cock. She ran herself over it but she never got on him, and Lori felt herself moaning. Lori stopped abruptly and closed her eyes, she kissed him and he kissed back. She smiled and pulled herself from the Dream World, she felt Freddy's pull but resisted.

Oh thank god it's finally over. That was one of the most disgusting sex scenes ever.
So, Lori wakes up and drives back to the campsite. All her friends wake up and she makes up some excuse about how long she was awake. So, then we find out more about Lori's pals.

Rain pretended to like Lori, but she was always batting her eyes at Will and trying to weasle her way into her bed. Lori knew she was a slut, she'd slept with the whole jock teams...every single one of them. Any jock team, Hockey, Football, and Baseball.

Rain was only dating Micheal to get to Will, but Will was so in love with her, Lori. Lori felt awful all of a sudden, she was a slut...well...sort of. She was...confused, Will was love, and Freddy was lust. Lori felt like she was more a slut than Rain, but Rain didn't love Will. Lori did, at least she thought she did, and this added to her confusion.

Then we're treated to petty teenage behavior blah blah blah. Then they go swimming *yawn*. Oh, here we go.

Lori felt a hand clap over her mouth and she was covered up by the bulk of Micheal. "Hey little bitchy Lori. You know I'm really tired of your teasing." Lori squirmed and Micheal chuckled. She kicked him and he growled. He ripped away her shirt and Lori felt tears as he touched them, she could feel something hard against her thigh.

No one was going to save her as he pulled away her underware, and then she felt it. In an instant after he touched her core all she felt was cool air. She pulled back her underware and a pair of pants. Lori heard a gushing sound and her stomach turned, and her tent front was sprayed with a thin line of blood. She dimly heard the words, they seemed demonic and hard, like some sort of animal...and her eyes grew wide with fear...she knew that voice.

"Nobody, nobody touches Freddy's bitch!" Lori's throat clenched as the flap to her tent breezed open ever so slightly and she moved to the back of the tent. She heard a splash and then the chilling breeze came again and she shivered. A blade ran down the tent flap, opening it to the visitor outside. She saw the hat and then he tipped it up, revealing his lower face and she gulped.


"Am I dreaming again...or are you the Real World?" Freddy was close to her face a moment later and she closed her eyes. She could tell he had his demon face on, pissed at having to save her in this world and the fact that she left him the other night.

"Open your fucking eyes, or else I'll cut you eyelids off." She did and she saw his bloodshot icy blue eyes. His elf ears and sharp teeth were there and Lori could see his skin had gotten redder than usuall. She could tell through the moonlight that filtered into the tent.

"F- Freddy." She said as calmly as she could and put her right hand on his chest, the Dream Demon cast a quick glance to it then to her. "T - Thanks." Freddy paused as she saw his mouth twist back from it's snarl to just loosly hang, and his eyes lightened if that was possible.

"If you really think that's what I came here for...or that little thing is going to save you your dead fucking wrong." Freddy growled and pulled her down to her back, and Lori leaned up and kissed him before he could do anything. She rubbed his ear and Freddy growled, putting his gloved hand on her wrist, and pulled it away from his ear. He pulled back and narrowed his eyes at her but she simply sucomb to him.

Jesus christ, this gets weirder by the second.
Okay, next time, we're doing the last two chapters! Let's see if we can refrain from crying or throwing up this time.

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