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No Bird Without A Sigh part 1

Sorry I abandoned you, the >5 people who read this magic blog. I tried the schedule, and, well, speed college makes you forget these things. Anyway, I have a new fanfic for you all today!

No Bird Without A Sigh by FreddyJason27
Fandom: A Nightmare on Elm Street

You know what it's time for? Mondo bondage!

Freddy was no where near where he thought he was, instead, he found himself in some strange room. It was probably a teen's room...a girl's room. He tried to move, but found himself chained down by some chains, there were strange markings on them, like incantations. Pulling and tugging, he found them on his ankles and wrists, so far he was strapped down, spread eagle on a bed. Great....
Yes, there's nothing sexier than a chained up Freddy Krueger.

A thumping filled his ears, like padded feet moving across the room. Craining his head to look, he saw a figure move in the shadows. The figure stepped into the moonlight by the wall sized window above the bed. Revealing...Freddy smirked something evil. "Hello, Lori." His voice was that of a smart ass and he smirking up at her something evil. Desiring nothing more than to be out of these chains and doing something delicious to the young girl who stood before him.

"Freddy." She said and sat on the endge of the bed, she was wearing a red silk night gown with green lace. Freddy's two favorite colors no less, seeing her in that was practically making him hard.

Wow, that was a quick way to creep me the hell out.

"You did something to me, 7 months ago, something I can't ever forget." Freddy's smirk remained, but his face bore absolute shock when her fingers started lazily running over his stomach. Lori's fingers ran circles around his stomach, moving the fabric up to reveal his dark blue undershirt.

He moved himself slightly, not really moving away or towards her but resettling himself. There was definatly something wrong here, definatly. Lori climbed onto the bed and pulled his Christmas sweater up as she did so. He was staring at her with something between shock and confusion. Lori's fingers ran over the undershirt, feeling his burned muscles underneath.

Oh god why the hell would you want to touch Freddy like that!? EW EW EW!
(I bet he feels mushy, not "rock hard".)

"You know Freddy, at some point, I wondered if your whole body was burned like this." Freddy heard a ripping noise before he actucally saw her tear open his undershirt. What was wrong with this bitch? He was supposed to be the one on top of her, not like this!

Her fingers smoothly ran over his stomach to his chest. Lori lowered her mouth to where his nipple would have been, and bit, hard. Freddy's icy blue eyes went wide and he felt himself growing harder despite himself. His body reacted to her simple touches, making him angry with not the ability to resist. Freddy gulped in air as Lori licked the red marks she'd caused on his already charred skin.


"Want me to stop Freddy? I can if you want." She whispered, her fingers teasingly playing with his belt. Freddy didn't know what to do but this girl was driving him insane, for no apparently good reason. Lori, wasn't wearing any underware, Freddy realized when he felt smooth flesh against his torso as she straddled him. Freddy's eyes immediatly went down to see her sweet flesh. His eyes grew wider as she rubbed it against him.

"Freddy, Freddy." She whispered to where his eyes turned to look at her. She lowered her fingers to her enterance and slipped them inside of herself. She kept whispering his name, growing louder and louder with each moment. Freddy couldn't turn his eyes away as Lori rode her own fingers, right on top of him. "Harder." She begged and Freddy groaned, thrusting his hips in need.

He bit his bottom lip and threw his head back, his hat covering his eyes as he fought against the binds that held him. Lori screamed his names two times while coming and he was panting on the bed, despiratly needing attention.

Kill me now.

Lori's juices ran down the sides if his torso, she licked him clean, and Freddy panted. She moved down to his belt buckle, putting her head down, and taking it off with her teeth. Freddy stared as she removed his belt buckle. Feeling the restraint of being in his pants of so long gone he watched as Lori ran her fingers lightly across his shaft. "Bitch." He growled as Lori put herself on top of his erect cock. Freddy gasped at her tightness, even when he'd raped her she was so tight, but this, he groaned.

Freddy growled low and dangerous when she removed herself unexspectedly. She moved up, her breasts were a few inches above his face, and he could see the erect nipples underneath. Her juices, which were dribbling out of her, were warm against his stomach. Lori was reaching for his gloved hand, and Freddy flexed it, warning her. His icy blue eyes burning a hole in her as he looked up at her.

But instead of trying to take off the killer weapon, she licked his palm, her tongue lazily moving over it, before trailing up his middle finger to the tip of the blade. She sucked on it and Freddy got harder, if that was possible. Her tongue ran over the side of the blade, back to his hand, were she nipped the tip of his finger. Lori pulled back and looked at Freddy with a drowsy look.

Who the fuck finds this erotic!?

Freddy was still lying below her, and his cock was sticking straight up against her back. He knew she could feel that, but she seemed to be coldly ignoring it. She finally straddled his legs, but she didn't sheath herself on him. She raised her right hand and began to play with him. Running lazy paths over his cock. Freddy hissed, wanting to be touched harder, or to be inside her, hell even her mouth would be nice contact.

She was still running her lazy paths as Freddy hissed out, "bitch." Lori squezed the head, hard. Freddy groaned, wishing nothing more than to call her every name in the book, but right now, she held a rather precious organ to Freddy. Lori lowered her mouth and began to suck his head, making the dream demon groan despite himself. He shook his head from side to side and panted and gasped. Trying not to let the sounds escape him, no way he would let this bitch have what she wanted.

The sucking stopped and Freddy let out a moan of anger for the contact lost. He looked down at Lori to see her licking her lips of a slimy liquid, his pre. He put his head back down on the comforter, letting his eyes be shaded by his amazingly still in place hat. Lori moved but Freddy stayed still, tensing when he felt her fingers brush along the underside of his cock. What was sh-?

Oh of all the places...

"FUCK NO BITCH!" Was Freddy's only reply as Lori's fingers moved into his entrace, the one he thought, shouldn't exsist. Freddy's teeth were grit and he was trying hard not to scream while her fingers were inside of him. Lori moved her fingers in and out, and Freddy silently wondered how she knew that damn hole even exsisted! Freddy's hips began to rock and he found himself disgusted at the fact that he was responding to this.

Lori pulled her fingers in and out and again, his body moved in rhythm. She took his head in her mouth, making the Dream Demon moan with the extra pressure applied. He was getting tied in knots and he felt himself growing higher. He closed his eyes as he fell over the edge and into the dark abyss that awaited, groaning as he did.

When he was back from his high he opened his eyes to see Lori staring down at him, stroking the side of his face. He wanted to cringe away from that hand but instead he bit it, growling. "Never again bitch." Lori smiled at this and retched her hand free, causing cuts to appear from his teeth, "never again." She whispered and she began licking the blood on her hand, Freddy pulled up slightly and licked it also, and their tongues mingled. Running over Lori's hand, Freddy felt her tongue glide into his mouth, and he halfway felt the need to bite it off.

Yeah, real sexy, an undead serial killer who wants to kill you.

Instead he found them dueling for dominance, but Freddy won out, and licked over her mouth. Tasting every inch and leaving his foul demons mark in every nook and corner. Lori moaned into his mouth and Freddy was breafly suprised at her responding. She ran her tongue along his and all over, mingling with his. She pulled back for air as they both panted, something flickered in her eyes and Freddy wondered only for a moment what it was, before dismissing it.

Lori moved back and put herself down on top of his cock, making Freddy groan loudly as she let out a little mew of approval. Rocking and twisting Freddy thrust up into her, she moved to, roving her hips in the opposite direction than him. Freddy twisted and she gasped, Freddy was large and wasn't suprised to find that the girl would need to be stretched before taking him all in. Lori murmered his name and groaned, and gasped. This made Freddy speed up the pace.

As they came closer and closer, Lori clenched around him and Freddy groaned. Lori didn't even know she was doing it and Freddy was in absolute ecstacy. "Harder." Neither knew who said the word but it sure didn't make a diffrence. They came together, his seed shooting across her walls and Lori contracting around him. Lori fell on top of him, still shethed on Freddy and tired, panting.

Freddy should get into the uterus-painting business.

After catching her breath she sat back up and touched Freddy's cock, it was tender and stood attention just by touch. "Now Freddy," Lori whispered holding the Dream Demon's hateful icy blue glare, "time for payback when you raped me." Her fingers stroked and moved across him, never stopping, her tongue came in too, and squezing and other things. She didn't stop what she was doing, making Freddy growl out horrific things at her and writhe on the bed.
Okay, so not only does he want to kill her, he raped her, too. Yeah, Freddy is every girl's dream guy.

He didn't know how many times he came but his cock was so tender and over worked he couldn't even give pre any more. The sheets were soaked with come, and sweat making him wrinkle his nose, and lay back on the sheets. Lori straddled his waist once more while Freddy silently begged for peace, of the nature where she left him alone. Her fingers played lightly over his charred skin. Moving over every inch of his chest and stomach, finally she reached his face and touched his ears. Freddy was stiff, trying not to move around out of fear that she might fondle him again.

Her fingers lazily ran over his ears before moving to his eyes, tracing the rim of them before moving down across his lips. She lowered her head and nipped the top of his ear, before running her tongue along the bottom of his eye down to his lips. He opened his mouth and she kissed him, hard, they dueled and explored before both pulled back for air. They continued this and Lori ran her fingers over Freddy's chest, feeling the corse skin. Lori pulled back one final time and looked at the clock, 4:54. She had to get up at five, so she stood and Freddy growled.

Sorry I can't stay and have sex with you longer!

"Hey bitch, where the fuck do you think your going?" Lori turned to look at him her lighter green eyes looked into his icy blue. "I'm going on a camping trip, I'll be gone for a week."

Freddy growled some profanities and jerked the chains as the clock struck, 4:58. The chains broke, the spell holding him down was over. He was on top of Lori in a second, tearing at the gown she'd been wearing. It was all off in no time and Lori lay bare beneath him, she looked up into Freddy's blue eyes as his dream world powers that had been held back by the binds came back to him. "You aren't going any where, Lori." His voice was low as he touched over her creamy flesh, "Freddy." She whispered in heat, opening her legs to him to his suprise.

Smirking he lowered his mouth to toy with her, running lightly over the folds and into her dripping heat. She writhed and Freddy smirked, but howled in absoltue anger as she dissappeared from the dream world. "SON OF A BITCH!" He yelled angrily.

Oh, Freddy, you and your desires to rape and kill. Gawrsh!

So, Lori and her dad get ready for their camping trip and Lori is worried that Freddy will be waiting for her when she gets back.

And that is just chapter one! Next time, chapters two and three.

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