Monday, February 23, 2009

Mini Monday: BRB Moving to Japan

Woah, guys, I dunno about you, but I just snorted a gram of Pixie Sticks and now I feel like writing about bathroom humor and Clint Eastwood wearing a taco hat.

Anyway, this week's theme is Western Girls Moving To Japan, a common staple in fanfics. It doesn't help that those girls are author avatars.

Dark Dueling by DarkXChan
Valery Lin is a depressed highschool girl who absolutely hates change, so when her mother tells her they're moving to Japan, she freaks out. But when she gets to japan, things just aren't that horrible... Obviouse OC and rated T to be safe!
Sigh, of course.

Valery cried silently into the pillow she was hugging close,

"I don't wanna move! I don't wanna move!!! I don't wanna leave... I hate change! And did she really have to choose Japan of all places? Not some place like Washington, that was closer to home?" She looked up at the ceiling, pictures of Anime and Manga characters lined the walls.

"Valery? Can I come in, Honey?" Valery looked at the brown door. It was Mom.

"Fine," She said, just loud enough for her mom to hear.

The brown haired woman walked in, looking at her daughters room. Ever since they're dad died, she was so different. Her room used to be a cute purple, but she had it redone. Now it was black with red lines, and Anime posters were lining the walls.

"Honey," Her mom sat down next to her on the black blanket. "I know that you don't want to move all the way to Japan, but I was offered a great job, I can design clothing, and in Japan, a few of the styles I have made here would sell for a lot. They're offering me $7.00 an hour!" Valery looked at her mom,

"But... This is where I was born... Where I was raised... I've spent my whole life here. I can't even think about moving..." Her mom hugged her close,

"I know, Honey. But sometimes you have to do things for the better." Her mom looked at her daughters clothing, black. "And maybe you'll make some friends that are more into the stuff you like, after all, Anime originated in Japan, imagine the stores! Filled with Anime plushies, and cute little gothy clothing..." Valery looked up at her mom's blue eyes,

"Fine. I'll start packing." Her mom smiled,

Of course. I'll give the author credit for not making the heroine instantly fangirl over moving to Japan, though.

Lost Love to Seto Kaiba by Nicole Silvers

A girl by the name of Nicole moves to Domino Japan. In her time, she meets as well as works for no other than Seto Kaiba himself. This is the story of her life in Domino. NOTE: CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE SINCE POSTED ON QUIZILLA! You may want to re-read

No, not an author avatar at all!

You sat there lingering on about the future year you have to face again in school. 'This school is different.' You thought to yourself. You found out the students wore uniforms at your new school, and this excited you some. You moved from the States to Domino City. You were not sure about this city, but alas you were forced to move because your parents divorced, and your mother gained custody. When she was offered a job in Domino city that had a slightly bigger pay check, she took it. Lucky for you, school was out for the summer. As you looked out your bedroom window, you pondered on how you could now start school off with a clean slate. The thought made you smile inside. But of course, your happiness was shattered by the voice of your mother Ellanore Silvers. "Nikki, where are you?" she called.

You sometimes have to wonder what these "higher paying jobs" are.

A Matter of Love and Death by Breaker deGodot

When Amy Ana Warren moved to Japan, she never intended to meet Yugi Mouto, stop an evil force, or find the truth of her past. She'll need love and plenty of help. The first of 5 seasons. Yugi&Yami/OC. R&R There are a lot of duels. Spoilers for anime
Lemme guess: author avatar.
“I attack your Swordsman of Landstar with my Red Gadget!” said Yugi.

“Not so fast Yug! I activate the trap Relive Monster!” answered Joey.

“I’ve never heard of that. What’s it do?”

“Whenever a monster on my side of the field is attacked I can swap it with a Level 4 monster in my hand. You then have to attack the monster I summon! I choose Panther Warrior!! I did it! I finally beat Yugi!!” he said with a creepy anime smirk on his face.

“Good move Joey. Pity it won’t work! I activate Trap Jammer! This stops any trap activated in the Battle Phase!” Joey did an anime fall

“Aw man!” he said with multiple anime veins “You win again Yug.”

“Nice duel guys!” said the girl.

“Thanks umm…”

“Amy Warren. I’m a duelist myself.” she said.

“Hey Amy! I’m Yugi and this is Joey.” you said. “Nice to meetcha’” chimed in Joey. She smiled. Even though she smiled, for some reason you sensed a dark sadness. You definitely wanted to know this girl.

"Anime veins".

Returned by harrylover101

14 year old Serena is kicked out of the Sailor Scouts, goes to America, 3 years later returns to Tokyo w a collage degree in visual and theatrical arts. But what happens when Serena's life is on the line, can the inners redeem themselves?
Okay, one inverse one. Also, yet another "dark" fanfic where Usagi goes goth.

“Meatballhead, Meatballhead” Rei yelled “wake up; we have an announcement to make”. “Huh, oh yeah, okay” Serena said distractedly, she already knew what it was though. She had heard them talking about her removal from the Scouts before she had come into the room. “You’re out “Serena didn’t even flinch “Hello did you here me? I said you’re out”. “Uh huh, yeah I heard you; I’ll go pack” Serena said emotionlessly.

The inners stared at her in shock they had thought that they would have to drag her out kicking and screaming, but here she was doing it quite effortlessly, if even emotionlessly. “Meatballhead?” Rei inquired uncertainly. “No,Serena said quietly. She turned her head; the inners gasped in horror, her eyes had turned such a pale, colorless grey that they almost seemed white, “meatball head is dead.”


Okay, those are the three candidates for Wednesday. The choice is yours and yours alone! Next Monday's theme: DARKNESS (and the goths it creates).

Have a fanfic/fanart piece/theme to suggest? Feel free to put it in the comments or email me (my email is in my profile). If you choose email, please title your message "Bad Fanfics". It will get labeled as spam otherwise!


Richter said...

Dark Dueling. I mean, the author's name is Dark, it's gotta be good!

And by good, I do mean dark.

NM said...

I'm going to have to second the Dark Dueling vote. I mean, 7.00 an hour is great to design clothing! ...In a sweat shop, maybe.

Rochelle said...

I like Sailor Moon!

Breaker deGodot said...

Wow. I'm the guy that wrote A Matter of Love and Death about a year and a half ago, and it really SUCKED! My God!