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Late Wild Card Wednesday: Dark Dueling

Man, I got so caught up in ART that I forgot about BFFT. Sorry, guys!
Anyway, in a unanimous decision, I'll cover Dark Dueling today!

Dark Dueling by DarkXChan
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh

We start with the obligatory disclaimer:

I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! And the character Valery belongs to me.

Well nooooooooo shit.

And the actual story begins with Val arguing about moving to Japan with her mom.

"I'm NOT going to Japan, Mom! I hate heights, I hate planes, and I absolutely hate hate hate hate hate sitting next to HIM." Valery pointed angrily to her little brother, he made his blue eyes big and gave her a depressed look.

"Mommy, why doesn't Valery love me?" Valery glared at him,

"Aw, aren't you just adorable. And of course, Mom is gonna tell me to be nice to you, right? And then you're just gonna go ahead and begin laughing in your mind, and on the plane ride, I'm gonna end up killing myself because of you!" Valery angrily ran to her room and slammed the door.

"Honey, listen. Valery is just having a hard time handling the news. She didn't mean anything she said. Ok, Nick?" The little boy nodded his head and walked out of the kitchen. The brown haired woman sat down in the brown chair and put her arms on the table.

"Mike... You don't have any idea how hard this is without you..." She whispered, and put her head on her arms. "No idea at all."

This whole family is caught up in emotions! I guess it's PMS day or something. :/

Valery cried silently into the pillow she was hugging close,

"I don't wanna move! I don't wanna move!!! I don't wanna leave... I hate change! And did she really have to choose Japan of all places? Not some place like Washington, that was closer to home?" She looked up at the ceiling, pictures of Anime and Manga characters lined the walls.

"Valery? Can I come in, Honey?" Valery looked at the brown door. It was Mom.

"Fine," She said, just loud enough for her mom to hear.

The brown haired woman walked in, looking at her daughters room. Ever since they're dad died, she was so different. Her room used to be a cute purple, but she had it redone. Now it was black with red lines, and Anime posters were lining the walls.

"Honey," Her mom sat down next to her on the black blanket. "I know that you don't want to move all the way to Japan, but I was offered a great job, I can design clothing, and in Japan, a few of the styles I have made here would sell for a lot. They're offering me $7.00 an hour!" Valery looked at her mom,

"But... This is where I was born... Where I was raised... I've spent my whole life here. I can't even think about moving..." Her mom hugged her close,

"I know, Honey. But sometimes you have to do things for the better." Her mom looked at her daughters clothing, black. "And maybe you'll make some friends that are more into the stuff you like, after all, Anime originated in Japan, imagine the stores! Filled with Anime plushies, and cute little gothy clothing..." Valery looked up at her mom's blue eyes,

"Fine. I'll start packing." Her mom smiled,

"That's my girl. We leave in a week, and the school registration forms are already sent out. So you'll have about a month to do anything in Japan until school starts." Valery nodded while walking to her dresser,


As I said before, I will give the author credit for not making Val go batshit fangirl when she learns she's going to move to Japan.

Huh, well, whaddaya know, it's only one chapter long!

The Verdict:
Not -too- bad, but still needs some polishing. Hopefully, if any new chapters are up, they'll get better. 2/5 (the highest score yet!?)

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