Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bad Fanart Theater: Twilight

OMFG, GUYS! TWILIGHT'S OUT! I'M GONNA GO SQUEE OVER HOW HOT EDWARD IS AND WONDER WHY I CAN'T BE A SPARKLY-POO VAMPIRE!!!!! seriously, I hate those books. There's only one Twilight for me.

Anyway, at the risk of being bitched at again, it's time for Bad Fanart Theater: Twilight Edition!
In my opinion, you shouldn't put things you made in a dollmaker (like Candybar) on Deviantart.

Ugh, I know! Twilight is such great literature, my mundane mind can't comprehend it!

Weird proportions are weird.

The art's cute, but rabid shippers are disturbed people.

I love his rack.

Great. Combining two of my most hated fandoms.
It was only a matter of time. [update: pic has been deleted]

In conclusion: Fuck sparkly vampires and pedophile werewolves.

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NM said...

Oh noes! I haven't checked here in a while! But I pretty much forgot about this whole site... including my other two blogs... Umm yeah.

This especially gave me the combined feeling of glee and dread that I get from truly bad... well, anything really. But fanart and fanfiction are particularly bad.

The thing that bothers me the most about Twilight fangirls is that they think these guys are hot, but then the book's description of them is completely unattractive. I don't want a pale, cold, mopey guy who talks about how delicious I smell all the time. And don't even get me started on the actors. Of course, they have posters of them all over Borders, and it scared the shit out of me when I saw that one of them looked just like Bob.

Ew. Seriously. Twilight fangirls are creepy. And people I'd normally consider to be intelligent are into it, too. Scary.