Monday, September 1, 2008

When You're Sleeping

When You're Sleeping by Roxann1472
Fandom: Dragonball Z

Warning: This fanfic has incestual sleep-rape. If you don't like the idea of a man screwing his daughter while she's asleep, feel free to skip this.

This is only a chapter long, but man, is it awful. Since it's short, I'll post the whole thing here:

Summary: Bulma just had a long day from work and her day is just going to get worst

A dark figure roamed the halls of capsule corps. He had been walking around the building for hours, when he suddenly stopped in front of Bulma’s open bedroom door. The room was dark letting him know that she was asleep. A menacing grin spread across his face when he found her sleeping in bed with her bra and panties on. This man had been stalking her for years, and now he finally had the chance to be alone with her cuz her mother was out of town. Dr. Briefs (Bulma’s dad) entered her room slowly. He than turned back around but only to shut and lock the door. He moved fast and quiet over to her queen sized bed. “man I’ve waited a long time for this”, he thought before ripping his shirt off and rubbing his large penis. The fabric were his erection was starting to get hard and tight, so he pulled his pants off too. Once again another grin spread across his face when he saw her stretch in her sleep and one of her large breast came out of her bra. He tugged and sucked on her hard nipple exposed nipple, getting a little pleasure out of it when he heard her moan. Dr. Briefs than slide her panties off and wasted no time spreading her legs and inserting his member inside of her. He moved at a slow pace trying not to wake her, but the doctor lot all his composure when he felt her arch her back…

In Bulma’s sleep, she started to sweat a lot and her vagina got really sticky. Dr. briefs couldn’t believe how easily he had gotten into his daughters room. He had always thought it would had been harder since she always kept a robot guarding her room. When he finally got done using her body, he tucked his dick back into his pants and left the room as fast as he came….

The next morning bulma hadn’t noticed any thing wrong. She cooked breakfast and got herself ready for work. And it would only take her a couple of weeks to know that she had been raped and that she was pregnant. Which was impossible because she had never been with a man before….

The Verdict
What. 0/5