Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Break Post: My first flame!

Checking my Devart today, I came across a flame!

"Honey, remember that blog entry you did about crappy OBJECTION drawings? Don't criticize others when you can't draw worth crap, m'kay?"

When I went to go tell her my drawings don't have deformed heads, I find out she blocked me! Ha, what a coward. Goes to show you they can dish it out, but they can't take it.

By the way, let's do a comparison, shall we?

Here's my latest submitted work:

Here's her's:

I admit, she can do alright bodies, it's just her heads need some work. I mean, look:

Also, joke's on her, I'm going to art school to improve as an artist so I can do more than anime-style whatnot. And at least not all of my characters have big KAWAII ^_^ eyes and malformed heads.

Silly fangirls.

OH BOY UPDATE: Looks like she deliberately "blocked" her Devart on her own browser so she wouldn't see my comments anymore. By the way, I consider myself a fangirl, too. We fangirls are silly beings. We shouldn't take ourselves seriously. Oh, and she left three more comments on my Deviantart. Someone's a little cranky.

2010 Retrospective: Haha, oh memories. I still have her comments on my profile, so go ahead and read them. I admit, my responses probably weren't the best ever, but whatever. Heat of the moment stuff.
But, yeah, like the above says, she left a bunch of comments on my profile and claimed that she blocked me because I was "just going to flame [her]", which wasn't going to be the case, but whatever. She ended up writing a long journal entry about how she now hated Deviantart because everyone was mean and she was going to block it by using the parental controls on her browser, just so she wouldn't see all the mean comments anymore. To be honest, if she just would have said "I saw your blog and your comments struck a nerve with me. Can you please take it down?", I would have obliged. But, instead, she tried to make herself look like a martyr.
Anyway, all of her artwork and journal entries have since been deleted, so there isn't much use in copy/pasting those links.

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