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An Arrow of Love: Part 2

An Arrow of Love by Msz MunchkinSZ
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh

When we last left Kaiba and Anzu, it seems that they had their own little Groundhog Day, as the second chapter was exactly the same as the first. Hmm...

Anyway, it is now the next morning...

Seto, Anzu and Mokuba was sleeping on her bed, Mokuba in the middle and Seto and

Anzu on either side. The sun was shining threw their window Anzu was the first to wake

up she looked over at the her new brothers, and smiled. After her out burst last night she

and Seto got to know each other a little bit more and they had a lot in common for

example they both like duel monsters Seto told her his favorite card is the Blue Eyes

White Dragon but he never got a chance to buy it and that there super rare and they

only 4 that was built by Pegasus.

I had no idea that cards were actually built. Do they have little scaffolding, too?

Going to Anzu’s pov:

And also his birthday is coming up a few days from now so I don’t know what to get him

maybe I could get him blue eyes? I don’t know but hopefully he’ll like it. I was lost in

thought when the door to my bed room opened and in stepped the butler Nesbitt he never

really liked me, but he was never bad to me either.

I don't know if Kaiba would like an eye transplant for his birthday.

“Miss Anzu your father wants to see you and your brothers immediately in his office, so

if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time day dreaming” he sneered and walked out of the

room. Oh great ‘just what I need an ugly butler ordering me uhh what a good way to

begin the day’, she thought. I might as well wake up Seto and Mokuba.

“Mokie wake up sunshine” she said softly to his to ears he was up and he looked happy to

see me and his brother besides him. He soo cute I just hope my father doesn’t lay one

finger on him.

It's okay, guys! They aren't blood siblings! It's not creepy at all!

So, then Anzu, Mokuba, and Kaiba get into a pillow fight. Awwwwwwww...

“PILLOW FIGHT!!” Mokuba screamed and start hitting both of us with the pillow. We

all was having so much fun we continue yelling and screaming for half an hour or so.

Then my father came storming in my room and looking mad as hell and behind him was

Nesbitt the butler smirking at me.


“What the hell is going on here?!,” he yelled

“didn’t I tell you to meet me in my office and hour ago!!” I looked over at the Seto and

Mokuba, he was behind his big brother and he looked scared I looked at Seto and what I

saw shocked me he was looking at my father with determination on his face. My father

noticed this and slapped him and then said

“don’t look at me like that boy I will not tolerate this from the two of you!” he shouted

“Nesbitt take Mokuba out of here and give him something to eat I have to teach my two

disobedient children a lesson,” he said. He came over to Mokuba and practically had to

pried him off of Seto’s arm. He looked over at me for assurance so I just nodded, even

my father would never stoop that low and hit a three year old. Mokuba let go of Seto’s

arm and exited the room with Nesbitt.

Run-on paragraph much?

“Follow me” my father said in a freaky calm voice, we followed him threw the mansion

then we came across a room that I never saw before, there are parts of the mansion I’m

not allowed to go to I guess this room was one of them.

When we entered this room I was shocked in it was two beds, a bathroom but no

windows. That was when my father decided to speak he turned around and smirked at me

and Seto and started to talk.

“Now children this room is going to be shared by the two of you” he paused and continue

“and I expect it to be clean and kept well,” this was too much me sharing a room with


Woah woah woah. This is some Flowers in the Attic shit right here.

“uh father if you haven’t noticed I’m a girl and I need personal space” I stated simply not

to be mean or anything but sharing a room with a guy can be scary.

“Why Anzu I’m highly offended you don’t want to share a room with your brother Seto,”

he said coming towards me. I was slightly taken aback, what is he planning? I looked

over at Seto and he had the same look on him when Gozaboro hit him.

Then all of a sudden SMACK!! I think everyone in the mansion heard that slap it hurt

and the last thing I heard was someone screaming my name and then everything went black.

Aw hell, this is turning into a V.C. Andrews novel already.

“Now Seto this is your private tutor Mr. Makashi whatever he teaches you, you better

remember and also he has a right to whip you when you make any mistakes and the same

goes for my pathetic daughter as well.”

This man was NUTS first he knocks his daughter out and then he gives some tutor a right

to hit me how I hate this snake.

Prediction: Mr. Makashi is going to be a fundamentalist Christian.

“Step-father you’re a real snake--” before I even get to finished my sentence a book came

out of no where and hit me right in the head. then a punch came to my stomach I fell to

the floor trying to catch my breath when he said

“Well Seto you keep on rebelling and there will be more where that came from you got

that? you good for nothing piece of shit” he said. I didn’t had enough strength to argue so

I just said a tiny ‘yes’ and he smirked and started to tell me how things are going to from

now on. Just then Anzu started to stir

Then, Anzu is going to look at her pubescent body in the mirror when Kaiba accidentally comes down from the attic and sees her naked.

“well well if it isn’t our little princess what's wrong? You look like your hurt, well that’s

what you get for talking to your Daddy like that,” he sneered and smirked. “Well Seto I

should let Anzu and you get to your studies now don’t want you slacking now do we?”

“Huh what happen?” she asked softly before I could even response Gozaboro grabbed her

by her hair and said ”don’t ask questions pay attention to what you are taught don’t try to

distract Seto while he’s learning you little Whore” he said Anzu’s eyes widened and tears

start to fall “Now apologize for what you said to me yesterday and apologize for being a

disrespectful brat and mean every word you said.”

“I’m sorry for what I said to you and I’m sorry that I’m a disrespectful brat Father.”she


But suddenly, Anzu's father walks in and thinks that they're going to have sex! So, he tries to force Kaiba to cut Anzu's gorgeous hair, but he refuses! The next morning, Anzu wakes up to find her hair covered in tar.

So, two weeks later, Anzu and Kaiba are still living in the same bedroom.

Hell that’s all its been for me and Seto that bloody tutor-or was getting on my nerves I

hadn’t had a descent meal just water and breakfast and something for lunch. My father is

working hard on Seto, our tutor-or is teaching us about profits and involving business I

don’t want to be a part of this I want to be a dancer or a kindergarten teacher not some

bloody business person. I haven’t spoken to my little Mokie in weeks I asked my father

how was he and he told me to mind my own business. Right now Seto is with my father

training, my dad thinks he needs to toughens up and while there at it he’s discussing

business with him. Me and Seto were really close to each other now, I means he’s a really

sweet person and his eyes I think I could get lost looking in them. Holy Crap!! I think I

have a crush on my brother, not good he’s way too perfect for me, and he’s always strong

and doesn’t cry. And me I’m just a weakling brown hair blue eyes so what? Nothing

special, I’m just a plain Jane. How am I to get over this we live in the same room we

share the bathroom we practically live like a married couple. Hmmm being married to

Seto ‘uh what are you thinking he’s your brother for god sakes HE DOESN’T LIKE

YOU!GET OVER IT! HE’LL THINK YOUR SICK!’uh I have a headache I really need

some fresh air hm maybe I could just try and sneak out for a little while and clear my silly thoughts.

And then Anzu's father will slowly stop visiting them, except for when he lets them sneak into a Christmas party so they can see his new wife and their grandpa (who's a real jerk, lemme tell you).

Pain that’s all I can feel right now just one simple mistake and you get a chair handed to you.

“Now Seto I’ll ask you again what did I just say?” he asked. If your wondering what he’s

doing right now, my step father is teaching me the rules that he was taught while growing

up and let me tell you some of these rules are very stupid.

“Show no signs of pain, pain is weakness sir” I said trying to stand straight. He looked at

me “and what were you just doing Seto” he asked smirking.

But then, Anzu and Kaiba realize that they have some weird attraction toward each other and then have sex on a dirty old mattress.

“I was showing pain sir” I said but it hurts when he throws a damn chair or when he uses

his cat-o-nine tails. Its hurts when he hit me across my back with it. The stupid thing has

nine ends I felt like a slave. Everyday when I do something wrong he uses that on my

back. I never told Anzu this because she’ll would practically scream at him then he’ll

probably use it on her. Sharing a room with her isn’t bad, but she’s a girl and they like

privacy so I try to give her much as possible. We’re really closer now then ever she told

me about her childhood hey at least she had a memorable one. I haven’t seen Mokuba

these past few days I hope the kid was hanging in there. I have so many work to do like

tomorrow Gozaboro was going to test me on what I learnt so far on game theory and that

kind of crap, I never new being in the business field was so hard, you had to learn about

economics and social studies negotiate deals and bargains and contracts.

“Seto go to your room and tell my daughter I would like to see her we have business to

discuss” he stated simply.

Meanwhile, Mokuba dies of arsenic poisoning because Anzu's father didn't want him to get in the way of his relationship with his wife.

“I want to see my brother I said ignoring his comment” he looked back at me with fury in

his eyes and came up to me and grab by my collar “Did you not hear what I asked you to

do!!” he said shaking me and then threw me across the room.

“Seto I hate it when people are asked to do something and they want to go and do

something else” he said walking up to me. Just then two of his guards came in and

Gozaboro turned to them and said “makes yourselves useful and take him to the back

room and teach him a lesson that he’ll never forget,” he commanded. Oh no this cant be

good “what!! I didn’t do anything all I did was ask to see my little brother” I yelled as his

men were dragging me out of the room. I try to get out of their grip but they were really

strong. They were pulling me while I was shouting

“Damn you Gozaboro you’ll never get away with this mark my word!!,”I screamed out

loud. I was in the room where Gozaboro requested for the men to take me.

Did I mention the arsenic was in powdered donuts?

“Hey kid shut up or it’ll be ten times worse” he said and with that he started punching me

while the other guy was holding me. He threw punches in my stomach I hid my pain I let

them punch me. I would not let them see how weak i am, I’m strong I can fight this. They

kept taking their turns hitting me mocking me, telling me how I deserve this I choose for

it to happen. The other guy punched me in my face, I was going to pass out I had to stay

strong I would not let my emotions get the best of me.

“Seto!!” I heard someone scream, I knew that voice it was Anzu, she sound frighten I

looked in her direction and saw her running towards me. I felt her grab me in her hug, she

was crying she hates seeing me in pain she told me that herself, she hates seeing me in

pain, she probably will freak out but I think I love her, but I’ll never tell her because

she’ll probably freak out and runaway and never speak to me again. I held Anzu in my

arms, she was sobbing these past two weeks had took its toll on her.

“Why Seto why!!,” she screamed

Eventually, Anzu and Kaiba steal enough money from Anzu's dad to get some bus tickets and get the hell out of Dodge.

“shh Anzu everything’s going to be alright” I tried to tell her, sooth her, but she was then

snatched away from me by one of the guards. He was pulling her hair and he had that

look of lust in his eyes which was quiet disturbing. The other one was smirking at me he

started to punch me while Anzu screamed these punches were ten times worse.

“Seto no!! leave him alone! Please leave him” she yelled trying to free herself. I tried

dodging him. “What sweetheart can’t you see how pathetic he is, cant even stand up to

Keith you are going to watch him get his ass kicked while I hold you,” he laughed. That’s

it I felt a sudden adrenaline rush to me. I kicked the man where it counts and he felt to the

floor where it counts. Then I start punching him,

“hit him Seto hit him!!” Anzu screamed “let him feel your pain hit him hurt him!!” she

yelled. The guy on the floor was literally bleeding, at least this was what Gozaboro taught

me. “Come on Anzu lets run” and together we made our way to our so called room.

To be continued in 4 other books.

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Just arrived from Worst of the Worst Fanfiction and am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I was a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fan back in the day and reading all the terrible fanfics has been highly entertaining.

Many of them speak for themselves, but your commentary only adds to the hilarity: "I don't know if Kaiba would like an eye transplant for his birthday." (Especially with those beautiful baby blues he already has...)

Keep up the great work! 8-)