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An Arrow of Love Part 1

An Arrow of Love by Msz MunchkinSZ
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh

Yeah, weird updates and shit. I know.

Anyway, today's story is about what happens when Seto Kaiba becomes Anzu Mazaki's step-brother and, oh, abusive parents.

Seto pov continue…

Seto pov continue….


Anzu came in looking like she’s just been beaten tears were running down her face, and

her face was black and blue and she was bleeding.

“Anzu!! Anzu!! Are you alright what happen?!” Mokuba cried and rushed over to her,

she was in pain I can tell she stood up for me in front of her dad, she’s a very brave and

courageous person to endure that.

Must...resist...Zero Wing joke...

“Its alright Mokuba’s it not that’s bad I’ve had worse” she stated smiling slightly but it

didn’t reach her eyes. She lean down to gather Mokuba in her arms and told him that

everything is going to be ok, and that Gozaboro wont ever harm him. He would never

harm my little brother not as long as I’m here, I made a promise to be here for him and

I’m not a person to break my words. Anzu hasn’t talked to me as yet, I gave her a look

over the marks are starting to show but she stopped crying along time ago now she was

was sitting on the floor with Mokuba in her arms rocking him slightly and telling him that

everything’s going to fine, she’ll always be there for him. That was touching I never met

someone who was caring as her.

Run-on paragraph much.

“Seto can you please come help me up here? I think Mokuba’s asleep”, she stated I went

over to her and Mokuba was asleep, I picked him up from her and put him on her bed.

There was no where in hell was I going out back there not until I get some answers from

Anzu. After I finished tucking him in I turned to her and sighed.

“Come on lets talk out here”, and she stepped out on her balcony, it was quiet for a few

seconds before she started to talk.

Oooh, a romantic moment!

“Remember when I left to go downstairs to get you an ice-pack and tissue for your

mouth?” I nodded for her to continue “My dad he was waiting for me in the doorway and

Seto he told me your going to get discipline, that’s not good Seto, and he’s

going to get rid of me cause he thinks I’m going to distract you and then I asked I’m if

he was done and he just smirked and grabbed me by my hair and start slapping me I tried

to escape him but he was too strong for me I screamed but no one heard me,” I just stood

dare looking at her in shocked she just endure all of that because of me , I suddenly felt

anger towards Gozaboro how dare him treat her that way?! What kind of father is he?

“and even if they did they wouldn’t have done anything about it,” she stated and just

smiled slightly,

Oh, at least it's not rape or anything.

“How did you convinced my dad to adopt you?”, I just shrugged

“I challenged him in chess we made a deal if I won he adopted me and Mokuba but now I

think I’m going to regret it”, I told her. she just looked at me and smiled and told me

“Seto you’re a KAIBA now we don’t run from our problems we face them, I know your

going to make good CEO for Kaiba Corp,” I was shocked me being a ceo? I don’t think I

can do that, but wait don’t Kaiba- corp is mostly about building weapons of destruction??

So many questions so little time, and wait isn’t she Gozaboro Kaiba’s only child and

heiress to the fortune why me??

When was Anzu ever heiress to the Kaiba Corp?

“Anzu what makes you think I’m going to run Kaiba-Corp one day?” I asked her, she just

looked at me and smile “Seto I’m a type of person who abhors to violence and building

weapons of destruction isn’t something I like to do. Our father is a man with power but

he likes to abuse that right, he likes to hurt people if anything doesn’t go the way he

wants he throws a fit and he normally takes his anger out on people”. What have you

gotten yourself into Seto?? Maybe I should just leave with Mokuba no!! Seto you

promised him the best in life and that’s what he’s going to get I will take over KC and I

will work my but off if I have to and rebuild everything and turn it into a gaming company that was always one of my dreams and to be duel monsters champ hmm so why not give it ago Seto?

What? This is making less sense as it goes along.

“Yes Anzu we’re friends” I stated simply and looked up at the stars, they reminded me of

my mom and she said that stars gave us hope. Thank you mom for sending me a new friend

like Anzu. For the remainder of the night me and Anzu talked we asked each other simple

questions and got to know each other it was getting late so I told her she should sleep but

she was very stubborn that’s one thing we had in common we’re both tenacious and we

could be vain when we want too, but other than that she’s not a bad person the more I

learn about her the more I feel to be there for her as her friend and not her brother ( he doesnt feel like her brother he feels more like a friend people) .

I looked at the stars and sighed and went to the room where Mokuba and Anzu was

sleeping, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

Normal Pov:

Unknown to Anzu and Seto there was someone watching them from the dark with a very angry expression.


The twist is that chapter two is exactly the same as the first.

Next time: Chapters three and four of this terrible epic.

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