Monday, June 2, 2008

Inflatable Movies

Sweet Bajeesus, it's been a while. Well, I'm now a High School Graduate, so I guess I have more free time. Woop woop.

Inflatable Movies by Primrose1973
Fandoms: Lady and the Tramp, Real Person Fic, The Red Balloon, The Simpsons
(for those who are too lazy for Google, Sally Rand was an actress during the 1920s and 30s)

WARNING: This entry has things having to do with crazy fetishes. If you really don't like the thought of people with creepy balloon fetishes, then feel free to skip this entry. However, if you're a masochist (or you just can't help yourself) keep reading!

As stated in my nice little disclaimer there, this is a story about balloon fetishes. No, not inflation fetishes (although that's just as creepy). These people get turned on by actual balloons.

So, our story begins with a crossover. I might as well post it in its entirety, since it's very short.

Sally Rand and The Tramp played on an illuminated stage with a large, crystal clear and round balloon, that were illuminated by the hundreds of light on the stage.

After the dog and the girl had pushed the balloon over to each other for a while, was Sally removing her clothes, and the girl began to sit and rode on the dog with the squeaking balloon between them for a while, as they moaned softly.

Then was Sally rubbing the balloon all over The Tramp's body, and it made Sally came for the first time, as her liquid splattered out on herself, the balloon and the dog.

The horny girl laid and rubbed the giant balloon against her bare genitals in some minutes until she finally released her juice again, and after the two friends had laid and relaxed, was Sally taking her clothes on again, and deflated the wet balloon.

...ick. At least it wasn't direct bestiality, right? RIGHT?!

Next, we cut to a short story involving The Red Balloon. I'm not going to copy it here, since the character in this case is a little kid. Yeah, I hate most adult fan fiction. Why AFF authors sink so low as to do stories about little kids is a mystery to me.

The last one is a Simpsons story, and again, I refuse to repost it here due to underage characters.

The Verdict
Balloon fetishists are silly and having little kids have sex in fanfics is disgusting. 0/5

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