Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome to Bad FanFiction Theater!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog detailing the latest horrible fanfiction! I'm your hostess, Franziska von Karma. I'll try to update the theater every week or so. Anyway, stay tuned for our first gem, Dying to be Thin!


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NM said...


I am an art major at Cornell, and I find your blog intriguing. I feel that we should not only analyze the works of well-known authors, but also those works written by the average fat goth girl that makes up an increasing percentage of the American population. Do you mind if I pop in to post a literary analysis every so often? (It will be in good taste of course...)

I am currently taking a class in performance art, and my semester project is an installation on American culture in relation to UFO sightings. I will build a large, plywood, UFO-shaped, shed-like object on campus and inside of it feature videos of myself doing dramatic readings of various UFO reports I have collected. I would appreciate your feedback on the cases I have collected thus far.

Thank you.