Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Poetry of Writer's Mind


Meet Samantha, aka Writer's Mind. WM likes to think of herself as a budding young author. However, she seems to miss the point of "fanfiction".

This is her poem "I Wish I Hadn't", posted in the Afterschool Nightmare section.

"I wish I hadn't

I wish i hadnt of liked you.

I wish i hadnt of tried.

I wish I hadnt of thought you could be mine.

I wish I hadnt lied.

I wish I hadnt of given up so easy.

I wish I hadnt of cried.

I wish I hadnt of found you.

All it lead to was missory.

I felt loved no where and pain every where.

All I really wanted was your love.

But now youve lost your chance.

Ive moved on.

There was way to much pain.

I wish I hadnt of stayed stuck on you.

But now because of you I enjoy my pain.

Pain is no longer a foe, but a friend

Thank you.

I just feel bad about your luck."

This one was posted under Alvin and the Chipmunks:

"8 minutes

8 minutes to live

8 minutes to die

8 minutes to have fun

8 minutes of life left

8 minutes of greatness

8 minutes to rise

8 minutes to cry

6 minutes to stay

6 minutes to explain

6 minutes of love

6 minutes of hate

6 minutes of loathe

6 minutes of freedom

4 minutes of learning

4 minutes of talking

4 minutes of writing

4 minuets of shade

4 minutes of the moon

4 minutes of sun

2 minutes to strike

2 minuets of darkness

1 minute of light


This one was also in the Alvin and the Chipmunks category:

"He must hate me. Everything about me.

He must hate me. Everything about me. The way I walk. The way I style myself.

The way and color Ipaint my nails. The color of my eyes. Everything. I tried so hard to fight the truth. He must hate me. Everything about me.

My friends try to make it better, but only make my life worse. They say thing like "Just move on. He'll figure out what he's done." Or "He likes you, Samantha. He's told me so. He's just way too childish to say it." I hate how much i love him.I cant let go. He must hate me. Everything about me.

Last year in Fifth grade must have been all a giant tangled lie. To keep me caught in his web. But we were the best of friends. He sat next to me every where and didnt even have to.I changed for him. I changed every thing. I even tries dying my hair. He must hhate me.Everything about me."

This is what our disoriented author has to say about her work:

"im telling you my life is a mess and i only write poems aboput my life and friends okay so i dont write about games or tv showssorry"

Oh, okay. Go ahead and post your non-fanfic poems on a fanfic site then.
Here's what the critics have to say!

"I was about to leave a review saying that you must have accidentally put this in the wrong category, but I took a look at your profile and realized you did it on purpose. I'm just not sure why. Fictionpress is a great place to publish original stories and poems, so why are you posting here?"-Eternalmoonprincess on "Come Crashing Down"

"i'm curious. y r u posting random stuff on wen there's something called fictionpress (i think u should kno pretty well by now since lots of critics have been telling u bout it) i didn't want to review, but ur 'thinking' just really sparked my interest. wat is it that u want? r u sane? r u emo? i kno that its none of my business and i prob sound mean but...dude. move on man. straighten out ur mind and life."-Dark Angelic Kitty on "He Must Hate Everything About Me"

"Alright, I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but this is really start to tick me off. You're always like "my life sucks. it's so dark and horrible" when people who are searching in a category don't care to read about how suckish your life is. We have our problems too, sweetie. This has nothing to do with Alvin and The Chipmunks (though you've already admitted to that) and I don't know why you feel the need to share how much your life sucks when people want to read about Alvin in the Chipmunks. From this poem, I can assume that right now you're in sixth grade, correct? Well it's showing through the immaturity I'm seeing with all of your poems. They're pretty good, but this is not the place to post them. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but this is the truth. I would gladly read your poems and enjoy them if they were put on the proper website."-Larsie on "He Must Hate Everything About Me"

"It always ** me off to see someone posting in a category of a good series saying 'this isn't about _'.

That's not cool at all. If you want anything other than negative attention for your little poem, then go someplace that accepts original works.

And while your at it, stop disrespecting the most touching series of all time and ** watch it. Noob."-Rinnian on "Change is Great"

There you have it! Quality poetry from a quality emo middle-schooler!

The Verdict

Like I said: Quality. Everything gets a 0/5, but an A+ for effort!

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Emo middle-schoolers are a delicacy in some parts of the world, I hear.