Friday, April 25, 2008

Emo Kakeru

Emo Kakeru by ArisaAriyoshi
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh

Okay, actually, this story has absolutely nothing to do with YGO. I have no idea why it's on a fanfic site.
Anyway, this is the story of a boy. A boy named Kakeru. Let's have Kakeru introduce himself:

"My Name is Kakeru and I have servere Autism, I attend Katagawa Middle school , and love my school more than home at the moment.

Why because I am around my siblings who remind me of who I would have been haven’t I been born with this curse.

I cannot do anything normal teenagers do, Kawai-kun is the most popular kid at school, she is good at maths, English, and has many friends, I wish I was just like her, I bet Onee-chan wants her to be her sibling rather than me.

I am good at drawing, it’s the only thing I can do.

But kids don’t see the artist, it’s just Niina-chan’s mentally handicapped brother that they see, not who I really am.

They think I wish that I was a Fairy Prince but I want to be more thn that, I want to cease to exsist, so that Onee-chan could stop being humiliated."

That's right, folks. This kid is supposed to be autistic. I think he has more of a case of the asperger's than actual autism. Oh, and the fangirl Japanese is rampant here.

"Some of the kids are coming up to my face, “What’s this? A cartoon?” bitched Surato., she picked up the picture and ripped it into shreads “YOU WON’T BE A MANGA-KA, YOUR AUTISM CAN’T HANDLE WORK!!”


I run into the PE room,. I grab a tanto knife and prepare to place it onto my jugular vein and………."

Hold on, I need to dial I can call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!

"“Please stop Kakaeru-chan……..” said Kawai-kun “You don’t even know how lucky you are to be who you are Kakeru,…..”

“Tell that to any older siblings you have, Kawai….” I shout.

“You’re lucky” said Kawai, her voice breaking a little “My Older Brother died in a vicious car accident two years ago, his body was made completely useless, how would you feell if your sister was like that, huh!?”

“YHou’re brother died………..? He must be very happy………… be in a happy place…….” I smile.

Kawai is sobbing “No he’s not…………He’s all alone, somewhere above us, he, his girlfriend and his friend were ripped away from this world against their will…………it was heartbreaking for me to see him die in a room full of machines on his own like that………your sister would feel the same if you took your own life like that, think about how she’d feel…………..”"


"A big hole in my heart cause tears to fall from my eyes, a vison of my sister screaming at my white sheet covered corpse appears in my face, it becomes harder to breath and I fall to the ground sobbing.

Then I get another vision, Onee-chan being hit by a car and hitting the ground, her blood surrounding her, then her being defibrillated, while air is being pumped into her by a bag, and then the final blow came, her body in the ICU connected to machines, which are practically being her.

Then the Hear Monitor stopped, I start to sob even harder and the words “onee-chan…….one--chan….” exit ,my lips many times. I was a fool to even think about killing myself, Onee-chan would be heartbroken if I died.

Shizuka Kawai’s brother’s body was completely disabled, in the summer of ‘87 as was his mind, there was no way to save him.

I wonder if now, in the winter of 89, if anything would be done to save Onee-chan or me have any of us been hit by a car.

“Can we be friends………Kwai-san?” I ask “I want to live, I want to try and learn things that normal people can do.”


And so ends the tale of Kakeru, a whiny little bitch.

The Verdict

Kakeru gains no sympathy from me. 0/5


NM said...

His autism might not be able to handle work, but I have mine working a full time job and earning a bachelor's degree in remembering really, really long sequences of numbers.

This is a deep message on making the best of your situation. I don't know what kind of kinfe that even was, but I'm against harming yourself with it nevertheless... Unless you're a delicious pig, then, by all means, go ahead.

Also... have you heard the news...? The elipseseses...... Have started a labor union...! ...... So you have to used a certain number or you'll get your pants sued off and have to hire a lot of lousy hyphens when the go on strike--! Just kidding. It was an April Fool's joke but the fangirls are slooowpokes and haven't caught on yet.

Mitochondria Eve said...

Good luck with your autism's degree! Mine's just a lazy bum. He sits on the couch and plays Xenosaga all day. I tell him to get a job, but he says his RPGs will teach him social skills.

Richter said...

Man, with all the demand, it's no wonder the price of ellipses has gotten so high lately! Man, I can't even afford them- I can barely afford hyphens. I can't afford semicolons, either, but those are really preppy.

Fangirls? Catching on? Like... Catching onto the black plague?

Whoops, I just went over my budget.