Monday, April 21, 2008


Ahole by Serenityang2
Fandom: Sailor Moon [2010 update: Link is now dead]

We all know Sailor Moon, right? Okay, good.
Actually, this fanfic is short, sweet, and to the point. In fact, I'm posting the whole thing here for your convenience.


Serena Tskino16 years old--has 1 sister lisa Tskino, and has a brother Sammy Tskino and An older brother 25 year old Brad Tskino and might be

pregnant with Andrew Crowns baby.

--Chapter 1--

Serena's House

Serena I can't belive u got yourself pregnant your only 16 get out and don't come back. And with that said she ran to Brads House


(Serena's point of view)

I ran as fast as I could and I knocked on b's door he opened..B dad (sob) just (sob) kicked me (sob) out (sob).And I didn't know were else to go

Pleaz help me B..

(Brads point of view)

I ran as fast as I could I got there and knocked on the door..It opened to reveal Sammy and Lisa crying...Dad I said why did you kick your daughter out..

He said she got herself pregnant...Woah no she did not she got raped you incosiderite ASS HOLE...He said no she wasn't that it was said just so Andrew

could get blamed.. How wrong was he...


Andrew looked at Serena in her face and called her a slut for saying he raped her in front of me...I didn't go with it instead I punched the living

daylights out of him for lying and calling my sister a slut."

The Verdict
This is obvious, folks. 0/5

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